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The Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education & Tolerance is a Holocaust museum located in Dallas, Texas. In 1977, 125 Jewish Holocaust Survivors and North Texas residents joined together and formed an organization called Holocaust Survivors in Dallas. In 1984, the survivors along with national and North Texas benefactors established The Dallas Memorial Center for Holocaust Studies. The museum was located at the Dallas Jewish Community Center in North Dallas. In January 2005, the Memorial Center changed its name to the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education & Tolerance, and moved to its present, temporary location in downtown Dallas. Plans have been made for its permanent location in the historic West End area of downtown Dallas, Texas.

The museum houses an actual boxcar (from Belgium) used to transport Jews to ghettos and concentration camps. In addition to the museum collection, an entire room is designed as a memorial. Plaques on the walls list the names of lost relatives of Dallas survivors. The museum also features temporary exhibitions as well as tours led by Dallas Holocaust survivors.

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Exhibitions and events

A Day in the Life of the Holocaust

Permanent exhibition

n our transitional location on Record Street, the museum focuses on the behaviors of the bystanders in the Holocaust. By presenting just three events that occurred on one single day (April 19, 1943)...


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